This program uses the Netatmo php sdk and some Google development tools for the graphics.
It also uses some other programs to compute data about the moon:

The server needs to have a php version >= 5, with curl and json enabled.
If you have a Netatmo account, you can see a demo at Netatmo.

The goal of this program is to display all the available measures and data of the stations
and interactively draw graphics.

Main windows

Google map mouse actions

Icons : Display the measures of a station

All graphics

Other remarks


To get a CLIENT_ID and a CLIENT_SECRET, you have to create an aplication. (create an application ). To get a Google API key visit Google console . (The key is free and obtained within minutes.)


Main screen



Graphics of one station. Comparing the temperature among modules of one station.
graphiques.png modules.png
Comparing the humidity among stations.Comparing temperatures with previous year.
compare history